Pavla Beníšková

Pavla BeníškováThe idea to start Life & Home Management came about from an enlightening conversation with my friend and business partner Olga. We were discussing how great it would be to be your own boss. When she asked, “Why aren’t you?” I replied: “I don’t really know what kind of business I’d do. It would have to be something I can do really well but also get a lot of joy and satisfaction from doing it. “Olga then asked me, what I thought I was best at doing. I thought for a moment and replied, for the first time, what I had known for a long time: I can organize my time perfectly, both personally and professionally. And from this conversation, Life & Home Management was born! I realized that not everyone has this gift and not everyone has the opportunity to give it enough attention; last but not least, not everyone has the desire to help others make their lives better. That’s why Olga and I decided that this is what we will help other people with. We will help free them of the stress of from having to think about how to stretch their day or how to juggle that life/work balance. We have a natural talent for this and we are here to help…

Olga Jopková

Olga JopkováInitially, there was a common goal – to be independent. So we exchanged a career of managing for creating our own business, based on what we do best. Organization, planning and arranging. Starting up in England was a kind of a test to find out what are people interested in. It worked. In the Czech Republic we suspended our activities for some time and devoted to new challenges in multinational corporations, and later also to our expanding families. However, the return from parental leave and the need to have everything well organized, brought us back to the original plan. So, here we are ….