In today’s hectic age, people have little time and lots of things to take care of. We come to you with solutions! We’ll take care of single, one off, tasks, entire lists or provide you with regular weekly, or monthly help. Our range of services is diverse and tailored to your exact needs.

Imagine if the items on your to do list disappeared while you were at work. 

Imagine being able to come home, relaxed, positive and fresh in the knowledge that these irritating “other” things had all been taken care of.

Here’s a list of our most requested services, however, we are happy to take on even more unsual tasks – simply ask and we shall provide!

  • Personal assistance – Personal assistance services, according to your needs.
  • Organizing – We offer help in organizing your kitchen, office, closet, filing, includinggarage and basement clear-outs
  • Maintenance – We will coordinate all of our suppliers and employees, so that your home is in excellent condition. We can arrange a plumber, tiler or supply additional paint to a painter, whatever you may think of. We will take a full care of a reconstruction for you.
  • Decor / Decoration – Get in touch with us even if you need to decorate your home for a celebration or simply change your home or office interior decoration. Tell us about your dream and we will make it happen.
  • Real estate services – Sale or purchase of a property often comes with a lot of stress. Even here, we can help everyone involved. We will prepare your property for each viewing, coordinate viewings, open days and other activities. We can also service holiday properties such as cottages or apartments that you let.
  • Event planning – We will take care of all your needs related to your holiday or to any kind of event. We can fulfill any specific requirements for the program and whats more, we can arrange your event from its planning to the cleaning of the venue. We can arrange birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, parties, family reunions, surprises, a trip around the world and more ….
  • Child care – We have the antidote for “guilty parent syndrome”! We will entertain your children, create program exactly to their expectations, combining fun , active programs with proven educational results. Our goal is to help you to be a SUPER parent!

Simply anything! Don’t hesitate to contact us with your individual needs and requirements, we will always be happy to oblige!