Client satisfaction is our driving force. Nothing makes us happier than doing a good job and having loyal clients and friends. Our aim is to make our clients so happy with our service, they don’t hesitate to recommend us to their friends and family.

Jane S. Simons:

I used Life & Home during my six-month stay abroad. Thanks to Pavla, I didn’t need to suspend all of my activities and despite the fact that I spent six months away from home, I didn’t have to worry about basic things like paying monthly bills, looking after the tenants who rented my property, etc. Life & Home managed everything perfectly on my behalf. Part of our co-operation involved regular acceptance of correspondence, scanning documents and processing them according to my instructions from abroad.

Bara V.:

Olga made a great contribution by categorizing our family archive, which over the course of 20 years had grown to more than 20 boxes, stored in our attic! Olga categorized all the material and put it into neat, logical folders, including manuals, warranty certificates, important correspondence, etc. I would never have been able to do this by myself, everything is so much simpler now – I’ll definitely be keeping up with this system in the future.

Klaus family:

We urgently needed someone to take care of our garden. Life & Home provided us with a gardener, who regularly mows our garden, cleans the pond and does any ad-hoc gardening and maintenance work. Thank you Life & Home!